Elipalooza is a place where its strongly-opinionated creator, Ryan Turner, rambles about stuff that’s on his mind and calls out stupidity when its merited. He likes to comment on and criticize the news, politics, and culture, but also likes to post the occasional personal update or rambling, and a few random things every now and then – like tech commentaries, product reviews, and other miscellaneous things.

Ryan Turner is an emerging electronic music artist (producer, DJ, sound designer, songwriter, and YouTube musician) known as PROJEKT61. He also blogs (as “Elipalooza”), makes digital art (as “61 Lives”), and is a contributor for ThinkScopes.com on the side. He’s a part of #LenovoIN and #ThinkRevolution.

The name “Elipalooza” is derived from Ryan’s middle name Eli and the music festival, Lollapalooza. Its also inspired by Weird Al’s “Alapalooza” album.

The banner/header on this site was done by Ryan himself, as “61 Lives”.


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