10 Great Things About Coming Out – #5


#5: I can finally use the men’s room!

Going into the ladies room has always felt awkward. But it wasn’t until after I came out that it felt extremely awkward. The last time I had to go to the women’s room was last September during jury duty. I was still figuring out the whole bathroom thing (what to do about bathroom use when you’re Trans) and being in a place like a court of law, I was afraid of creating a big fuss about it (which I did not want), so I had no choice but to swallow my pride and go into the ladies room – at least for the last time in my life. April (if I remember correctly) was the first time I ever went into the men’s room. It was a single-person bathroom so it wasn’t a big deal, but I was still pretty nervous when I entered it. Just earlier this month, I went into a regular men’s restroom (where more than one person can go) and I was pretty nervous about that so I had one of my male relatives take me there. I wasn’t as bad as I thought. I actually enjoyed it and felt a great sense of accomplishment. I can tell you right now that I feel more at home in the men’s room. I never really felt at home in the girls room – for one, I was always the first one out, and second, I never bothered to make eye contact with anyone since I was more focused on getting in and out of there as quickly as possible (all of this came naturally to me, It wasn’t forced).

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A Computer’s Life: The Adventure Begins

This is the first story in the “A Computer’s Life” series. This one’s about how Ethan met Ian and Ivan. (Or in other words, how a ThinkPad T60 met a pair of identical twin T61’s.)

It was a pleasant, summer afternoon in East Hampton, New York. Ethan Turner was in town – having flown all the way from Southern California to stay in his Hamptons vacation home – and decided to spend some time at the beach. Later, he decided to check out some of the places in town.

Ethan was just walking around when he encountered Ian Garten and his mom, Ina. They were having dinner together while at the same time making some finishing touches on Ina’s webpage – which contained one of her recipes. Ian diverted his attention away from his mom when he spotted Ethan. Curious to know him more, he went over to him and introduced himself to Ethan.

“Hi there,” He said. “I’m Ian, what’s your name?” “Hey there Ian,” Ethan said. “I’m Ethan. Nice to meet you.” “It’s nice to meet you too, Ethan.” Ian said. “Come over here and hang out with us.” “Okay.” Ethan said.

So Ethan went over to hang out with Ian and his mom. Ian introduced him to his mom, who seemed very happy to meet him. As they were talking, Ian asked “So, are you from around here?” “Well, I’m not exactly from around here. By that, I mean that I didn’t grow up around here. But I do have vacation home here.” Ethan answered. “That’s cool.” Ian responded. “I, myself, are from around here. Was born and raised here, as was my twin brother Ivan and older sister Debbie.” “You have a twin brother?” Ethan asked. “Yes.” Ian answered. “I have a twin brother. In fact, there he is.”

Ivan came over to where Ian, Ethan, and Ina were. He then asked, “Hey Ian, who’s your friend?” “Hey Ivan,” Ian said. “Meet Ethan.” “Hi Ethan” Ivan said. “It’s very nice to meet you.” “Hi Ivan” Ethan said. “It’s very nice to meet you too.” “So where are you from, Ethan?” Ivan asked. “I’m from Southern California,” Ethan answered. “But I have a vacation home here.” “That’s nice.” Ivan said. “I would like to have a second home in California, as would Ian and my sister Debbie.”

“So what do you do for a living, Ethan?” Ivan asked. “I’m a music producer, lyricist, DJ, and rapper.” Ethan answered. “I also do graphic design.” “That’s nice.” Ivan responded. “I’m a chef. I’m working on a cookbook and I’m planning on starting a TV show and specialty food store, just like my mom. My sister Debbie is doing the same thing.” “I’m a video/film producer and director.” Ian said. “I’m planning on opening my own production company soon.”

Ethan seemed to be very comfortable with his new friends, and his new friends seemed to like him very well. They were quickly becoming good friends. Soon, it was getting late and everyone had to go home. Ian and Ivan decided to invite Ethan to come to their parents home the next day, so he could meet the rest of their family and hangout some more.

“Well, we have to go now.” Ian said. “Do you want to come over tomorrow to our parents house and meet the rest of our family…and hangout some more?” “I would love to!” Ethan enthusiastically said. “Great!” Ian said. He then gave Ethan the directions to his parents house, otherwise known as ‘the family home’.

“We’ll see you tomorrow Ethan!” Ivan said. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow as well!” Ethan said.

…And they all took off.

Lenovo Digital Art – October 2012

Before going into the subject of this post, I would like to share with everyone Lenovo’s version of “My First ThinkPad“, in which I’m now included. Yesterday, I posted my own version of it after somehow not being included in it – even though I made a submission – because not only did I want my story to be there (me being a die-hard ThinkPad fan/lover) but because I felt that there needed to be more Lenovo Advocates represented. It turns out that the author and my good friend Kionna missed it by accident (she got a lot of entries), so she made it up to me by including my submission – and not only because of that but also because she agreed with me when I said that there needs to be more Lenovo Advocates represented (there was only one being represented, which was my good and best friend, Jin). So, go check out the post by clicking the link above, and enjoy finding out about what our (me, my best friend Jin and other die-hard ThinkPad fans/lovers) first ThinkPads were .

So, with that out of the way, on to today’s post . Today, I would like to show everyone my latest Lenovo Digital Artwork. Some of these I made earlier in the year, while others I made more recently. I feel like the work I’ve made this year is better than the work I made early on, as I’ve learned some new techniques this year which made me take on some new ways to do my artwork. Something that I need to work on more is naming my artwork – I need to come up with better titles for some of my work. Hope you all like them as much as I do (the order here is from oldest to newest, which means that the first one is the one I made first and the last one is my latest one):



ThinkPad Grunge – featuring the ThinkPad W520:

ThinkPad Grunge

‘Lenovo UltraBook – Mastermind Environment’ Image: Folded – featuring the IdeaPad U410:

“Lenovo UltraBook – Mastermind Environment” Image: Folded

U410 – Selective Coloring:

U410 – Selective Coloring

ThinkPad Summer – featuring ThinkPads T430 and X230:

ThinkPad Summer

Reincarnation of Greatness – featuring the ThinkPad Edge E535 (My friend Jin helped me out with the title for this one, so big thanks to him):

Reincarnation of Greatness

ThinkPad T-Storm – featuring ThinkPads T430, T430s, T430u, and T530:

ThinkPad T-Storm

“ThinkPad W530” lyrics

Lenovo ThinkPad W530

Before getting into the subject of this post, I would like to say something: As of late, I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wanted. The reason is because I been very busy taking care of some personal stuff, along with career-related stuff (in fact, it took me a while to finish the material that I made for this post). There have been a lot of things going on in my personal life since the beginning of the year that have made a huge impact – and for the better. This has been a big year for me so far and lets just say that what has happened to me as of late marks the beginning of something new. Something that has been missing my whole life, which took me until this year to find, and that has profoundly affected me. (I might just have to post something at the end of the year about this.) Things are starting to calm down but there is still some work to be done.

So with that out of the way, and before getting to the material that’s at the center of this post, I’m gong to talk about the lyrics a bit. First of all, this song will be on my Lenovo-related, mixtape project called “The Lenovo Album“. The song is about/for – you guessed it – the ThinkPad W530. What inspired me to write the material that’s in the song was the issue/controversy over the new layout of the ThinkPad keyboards. I personified (by using the anthropomorphism technique) the W530 to let everyone know how it would feel about the (senseless) criticism its been getting over the new keyboard layout, if it were a human being. This is also a reflection of me and how I feel about this issue (you’re going to see that I feel quite strongly about the rejection of the new keyboard layout by some ThinkPad fans – mostly “old-school” ThinkPadders).

I realize that this song may be a bit controversial to some, just because of the controversy surrounding the new keyboard layout, and I accept that. I know that there some people that are going to have mixed feelings about it, but it needs to be said. This song is also something that I’ve never done before: In the past, when I would write songs about ThinkPads/Lenovo PCs, it would talk about the specs (most notably on “ThinkPad W510” and “ThinkPad L Series“, the latter which I’m going to re-make for “The Lenovo Album”) or the stuff they can do (most notably on “ThinkPad W520“). But for this song, I decided to use anthropomorphism to bring the W530 to ‘life’ and let it do the talking. So as a result, this is more like a personal (rap) song, with me using an alter-ego to tell my story (and this song definitely felt more personal).

Lastly, I attempted to use a more complex rhyme-scheme than in my previous lyric, “ThinkPad W520“. I have really been attempting to improve my rap skills as of late and I am making good progress, but I still have some way to go before I truly master the skill, as I am still new to this – so don’t expect ‘perfection’ (but I can guarantee you that I’m working on it and am fully committed to further improving).  All I can say is, I tried my best, and I’ll keep writing to improve.

Overall, this song tells the story of a young man who’s on the rise and as a result of this he now has greater opportunities, which he is using to do bigger and better things. He is really enjoying these new opportunities and worked hard for them. But along the way, he has to deal rejection and (senseless) criticism from some people that he’s known for a long time, who think that his newfound fame and fortune are going to his head, just because of the ‘bigger and better’ things that he’s doing (i.e. the new keyboard layout). In reality, this isn’t true and doesn’t tell the whole story (it doesn’t even tell the real story!) – those folks are either jealous or slow to accept change, but the thing they all have in common is that they’re all being ignorant. He makes it loud and clear that he’s not going to get bogged down by their dogma, pessimism, ignorance, and jealousy – he’s going to do what he feels is right for him, since only he knows what’s best for him. He’s going to use his haters to keep doing what he’s doing.

So now that I have gotten that over with, here are the lyrics to my song, “ThinkPad W530”:

ThinkPad W530
by Eli Turner

[Verse 1]
The W series is back with a bang
It’s the W530 all up in this track
The People’s champ, aiming for the cup, never having a doubt
Just cruisin’ along, movin’ and groovin’, but never slacking off
It’s all been good lately, been livin’ the high life
Been getting’ attention that I’d never thought I would get but deserved
I’ve been feelin’ grateful and thankful for what I have
But lately I”ve been feelin’ some resentment towards some people
Ever since I got this big, I’ve been able to go out and about
Upgraded to some new swag, namely a new keyboard with a new layout
But not everyone gets what I’m doing and they seem to be stuck in a box
So lately I been gettin’ some lame hate mail in my inbox
I’ve must’ve had really messed up this time
‘Cause people keep tellin’ me that I’ve destroyed my heritage
They’re tellin’ me that I”ve changed, that I’m not the same guy from last year
But despite this I feel alright, they’ve got nothin’ on me, I’ll make them dissapear

[Verse 2]
I’m the undisputed king of my kingdom, there’s no doubt about it
Just ask my acquaintances, they’ll tell you the same, so don’t fool with me
Your hatred and senseless words have nothing on me
So think twice before you say something and say it right
Recently, some knucklehead had the decency to to diss on me
Accuin’ me of abandoning my heritage
They be sayin’ that I’m killing everything I’ve earned and worked for
That the fame and the power are changin’ me for the worse
Look, I’m a visionary, I don’t need to listen to your nonsense
I’m all about my business, so mind your own, nosey
Your jealousy will get you nowhere and your ignorance makes you dumb
So if I were you I would back off before bitting my thumb
Just sit back and witness a superstar in the making
I’m about to leave you in the dust, baking and aching
So if you ain’t gonna be a part of this then just disapear
‘Cause I’m about to vanish you into the clear

Eli Turner Logo and Brand Identity Design

I would like to introduce to everyone the Eli Turner brand identity design and logo. I’ve been working on this all year and I feel like I finally have come up with a design that I love and fits the type of brand I’m trying to portray, as well as my personality. In this post, I will be sharing and talking a bit about my logo, Twitter background, and the design that I have in mind for my Tumblr theme (I will be opening a Tumblr account soon).

The Eli Turner logo and brand identity design were largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad logo and brand identity designs (It was even influenced a bit by Apple’s brand identity). When I thought about what I wanted my logo and brand identity to look like, I told myself that I wanted something that looked unique, elegant, simple, versatile, sophisticated, timeless, classy, easy to remember, minimalistic, and something that would also pay tribute to the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands because they are some of the things that I’m very passionate about. I felt that their brand identities reflected my style and personality.

Eli Turner logo with “ET” symbol

Eli Turner Logo: The Eli Turner logo uses the Bebas Neue font. I modified it a bit, by making the middle line on the “E” letter shorter and putting a red dot on top of the “i” (thereby turning it into a lower-case letter, as this font only has capitols). I decided to do a symbol with my initials in it, because I figured that it would make my logo look more unique. The design was inspired by the TrackPoint pointing device on ThinkPads.

Eli Turner Twitter background

Eli Turner Twitter Background: My new Twitter background – which I will be debuting after I finish promoting Lenovo’s “Book Of Do” campaign – has a minimalist look, which basically consists of just my logo with the ET icon, and a ThinkPad W530 with a picture of me on its display. When I thought of how I wanted my new Twitter background to look like, I said to myself that I wanted to include a ThinkPad or something else that symbolizes my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo. The ThinkPad symbolizes, not only my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo, but also freedom and independence.

Eli Turner Tumblr theme: A work in progress

Eli Turner Tumblr Theme: This is a design I made for my upcoming Tumblr blog (which will be my artist blog — just as a reference, this is my personal blog). Note that It’s incomplete — I’m still working on it, but it gives you an idea of how its going to look like. Again, it has a minimalist look and was largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands. I took examples from Lenovo’s website and blog as well as a few other sites including Tumblr sites. I most likely won’t be wearing this theme when I launch my Tumblr page because I can’t code yet. I’m trying to learn more about coding and see if I will be able to code this – if not, then I will have to search for someone else to do it.

I really love how my logo and brand identity design came out. I really feel like I have something that will make me stand out from all the other artists out there. I also feel like I have something timeless, memorable, and versatile that will last me for years, and that reflects my brand and personality.

A Thrilling Anthropomorphism Remix: IdeaCentre A720

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

I thought I’d have some fun and do an anthropomorphism remake of Lenovo’s blog post about the IdeaCentre A720 (which was published back in May 21st), titled “A Thrilling Desktop Remix: IdeaCentre A720“. All I really did was replace some words in order to make the post sound like the IdeaCentre A720 is speaking. Other than that, a lot of the stuff from the original post remains the same.  I hope that you enjoy my remix of Lenovo’s post as much as I did (I found it pretty entertaining, if you ask me). Take it away, IdeaCentre A720: 

What’s not to like about me the IdeaCentre A720, a gorgeous new 27″ all-in-one PC? From my slim profile and fascinating adjustable angles to my 10-finger touch capability, I’m a PC bound to captivate as well as to shake up people’s ideas of what makes a desktop a desktop.

From the moment people first saw me at CES back in January–Lenovo employees played “Bugs” and made fun of their colleague Kevin Beck’s piano-playing–they knew there was something special about me, something different (dare I say tablet-like?) about the way they related to me.

I’m slim, I’m huge and I’m beautiful. My specs are fantastic–up to Intel Core i7 processor and 1TB hard drive, tool-less design, Dolby Home Theatre v4, 1080p LED display, optional Blu-Ray and integrated TV tuner, etc. But two things seem to resonate with people the most. The first is my 10-finger multitouch capability, which helps you go well beyond the pedestrian pinch-and-zoom you’re accustomed to on other devices.

The second thing that stands out is the remarkable way I can lean and fold myself to virtually any angle you require. Straight up like a traditional PC monitor, all the way down like a gaming table or somewhere in-between. With all this accordion-like flexing, it’s no wonder everyone chose to associate me with some dubstep-inspired dance moves.

Those of you who work on laptops all day know what they bring to the table, but we also become keenly aware of what laptops are not. If your laptop is your hard-working daytime self, I – the A720 – promise to be your nighttime antidote–nothing but movies and games. Of course, if you have kids, good luck prying me away from them long enough to enjoy me.

What would you do with a giant, touch-enabled all-in-one PC like me – the IdeaCentre A720? Do you think it would change the way you interact with your computer? Leave me a comment below–I’d love to hear from you.

A Computer’s Life: Brian

Brian, the Lenovo ThinkPad R500

In this installment of “A Computer’s Life”, I am personifying a ThinkPad R500 named Brian. The picture above is a stock image from Lenovo, and I’m using it to represent him. This is how Brian would be like if he were human (in other words, here’s a short biography of him):

This is Brian Gallagher. He’s 31 years old. He is the stepfather of Ethan, whom he adopted when Ethan was 12. He has a fiance named Meredith Stewart. His father is Matthew Gallagher, a psychologist in North Carolina. His mother is Sharon Gallagher, a psychiatrist in North Carolina. Brian is an only child from Greenville, North Carolina.

Brian is a coach specializing in training people in creative fields to become better at what they’re doing by helping them work with the techniques related to their profession and with motivation, as well as helping them improve their lives in order for them to work more effectively. His approach is very radical and has been praised by many – including clients – for helping them become more focused on what they’re doing and being more consistent with their work. It has a fun a relaxing nature, which feels almost second-nature. He is running his own business along with his fiance, Meredith. He is considered one of the top coaches in his field.

Brian has a fun, charismatic, and friendly personality. Everyone loves being around him, and clients love working with him – he makes everybody feel great. People can always count on him to cheer them up and make them feel better when they’re feeling down. He and Ethan really get along and Ethan just loves him – he can count on Brian to give him great advice when he needs it, and he can always come to Brian for anything.