Lenovo Digital Art – October 2012

Before going into the subject of this post, I would like to share with everyone Lenovo’s version of “My First ThinkPad“, in which I’m now included. Yesterday, I posted my own version of it after somehow not being included in it – even though I made a submission – because not only did I want my story to be there (me being a die-hard ThinkPad fan/lover) but because I felt that there needed to be more Lenovo Advocates represented. It turns out that the author and my good friend Kionna missed it by accident (she got a lot of entries), so she made it up to me by including my submission – and not only because of that but also because she agreed with me when I said that there needs to be more Lenovo Advocates represented (there was only one being represented, which was my good and best friend, Jin). So, go check out the post by clicking the link above, and enjoy finding out about what our (me, my best friend Jin and other die-hard ThinkPad fans/lovers) first ThinkPads were .

So, with that out of the way, on to today’s post . Today, I would like to show everyone my latest Lenovo Digital Artwork. Some of these I made earlier in the year, while others I made more recently. I feel like the work I’ve made this year is better than the work I made early on, as I’ve learned some new techniques this year which made me take on some new ways to do my artwork. Something that I need to work on more is naming my artwork – I need to come up with better titles for some of my work. Hope you all like them as much as I do (the order here is from oldest to newest, which means that the first one is the one I made first and the last one is my latest one):



ThinkPad Grunge – featuring the ThinkPad W520:

ThinkPad Grunge

‘Lenovo UltraBook – Mastermind Environment’ Image: Folded – featuring the IdeaPad U410:

“Lenovo UltraBook – Mastermind Environment” Image: Folded

U410 – Selective Coloring:

U410 – Selective Coloring

ThinkPad Summer – featuring ThinkPads T430 and X230:

ThinkPad Summer

Reincarnation of Greatness – featuring the ThinkPad Edge E535 (My friend Jin helped me out with the title for this one, so big thanks to him):

Reincarnation of Greatness

ThinkPad T-Storm – featuring ThinkPads T430, T430s, T430u, and T530:

ThinkPad T-Storm


Eli Turner Logo and Brand Identity Design

I would like to introduce to everyone the Eli Turner brand identity design and logo. I’ve been working on this all year and I feel like I finally have come up with a design that I love and fits the type of brand I’m trying to portray, as well as my personality. In this post, I will be sharing and talking a bit about my logo, Twitter background, and the design that I have in mind for my Tumblr theme (I will be opening a Tumblr account soon).

The Eli Turner logo and brand identity design were largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad logo and brand identity designs (It was even influenced a bit by Apple’s brand identity). When I thought about what I wanted my logo and brand identity to look like, I told myself that I wanted something that looked unique, elegant, simple, versatile, sophisticated, timeless, classy, easy to remember, minimalistic, and something that would also pay tribute to the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands because they are some of the things that I’m very passionate about. I felt that their brand identities reflected my style and personality.

Eli Turner logo with “ET” symbol

Eli Turner Logo: The Eli Turner logo uses the Bebas Neue font. I modified it a bit, by making the middle line on the “E” letter shorter and putting a red dot on top of the “i” (thereby turning it into a lower-case letter, as this font only has capitols). I decided to do a symbol with my initials in it, because I figured that it would make my logo look more unique. The design was inspired by the TrackPoint pointing device on ThinkPads.

Eli Turner Twitter background

Eli Turner Twitter Background: My new Twitter background – which I will be debuting after I finish promoting Lenovo’s “Book Of Do” campaign – has a minimalist look, which basically consists of just my logo with the ET icon, and a ThinkPad W530 with a picture of me on its display. When I thought of how I wanted my new Twitter background to look like, I said to myself that I wanted to include a ThinkPad or something else that symbolizes my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo. The ThinkPad symbolizes, not only my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo, but also freedom and independence.

Eli Turner Tumblr theme: A work in progress

Eli Turner Tumblr Theme: This is a design I made for my upcoming Tumblr blog (which will be my artist blog — just as a reference, this is my personal blog). Note that It’s incomplete — I’m still working on it, but it gives you an idea of how its going to look like. Again, it has a minimalist look and was largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands. I took examples from Lenovo’s website and blog as well as a few other sites including Tumblr sites. I most likely won’t be wearing this theme when I launch my Tumblr page because I can’t code yet. I’m trying to learn more about coding and see if I will be able to code this – if not, then I will have to search for someone else to do it.

I really love how my logo and brand identity design came out. I really feel like I have something that will make me stand out from all the other artists out there. I also feel like I have something timeless, memorable, and versatile that will last me for years, and that reflects my brand and personality.

Up In Ashes

"Up In Ashes" by Eli Turner

I made this texture on Thursday. I called it “Up In Ashes” because of the brush I used to create this, which was a volcano smoke brush. I give everyone permission to use this texture as a stock image, so go ahead and save it to your computer if you would like to use it. (It would be interesting to see how people would use this image, so if anyone uses it, feel free to leave something in the comments section.)

Lenovo Digital Art 1

I would like to share with everybody some Lenovo art that I made (digitally). These aren’t the only ones that I am going to share and there are more to come. I just thought that it would be fun to do this for Lenovo and the users (and I guess future users and non-users too). I hope everyone likes them.

IdeaPad S10-3

IdeaPad S10-3t

IdeaPad U150

IdeaPad V460

IdeaPad Y550

IdeaPad Y560d

IdeaPad Z560

Lenovos at the Beach

ThinkPad Edge 14″

ThinkPad L512

ThinkPad R to L series

ThinkPad T410

ThinkPad W701ds

ThinkPad X100e

ThinkPad X201

ThinkPad X201 Tablet

ThinkPads In Space

ThinkPad W500 and W510

My first blog!

Hi Everybody,

This is my first blog and I just wanted to say how excited I am to share my thoughts, ideas, and feelings of whatever I want to talk about with all of you!

Now, to get started, I want to share with you all something that I did involving my favorite computer brand. It’s a wallpaper that I made about the Lenovo ThinkPad R and L series. For those of you not familiar with Lenovo and the ThinkPad, the R series has been replaced with (but I like to call it “turned into”) the L series. The message that I want to send to everyone is that the R series isn’t really “dead”, it simply has been turned into the L seires (they’re both “mainstream enterprise” ThinkPads). There are two versions of it and here are the links:


I hope that you all like it!