“No Guns Allowed” by Snoop Lion

On this day two years ago, one of my very good friends, Russell Ford, fell victim to a senseless act of violence. What type of violence, you ask? Gun violence. I want to dedicate “No Guns Allowed” (which features Drake and Cori B.) by Snoop Lion to him, so here it is (to those people who plan to abuse guns, take note):

Rest in piece, my friend. Once again, thanks for everything that you did for me, and thanks for really getting me into ThinkPads – it was essential to my growth and well-being. I’m so sorry that you did not get to see me become the man that I am right now…the man I was destined to be. I’m sorry you had to leave us so soon.


PROJEKT61 – Load Up!

PROJEKT61 logo. Created by Eli Turner.

I am very happy to announce that I made my first full-length song just this past Friday. But it wasn’t an Eli Turner song, it was a PROJEKT61 song. PROJEKT61 is my EDM (Electronic Dance Music) side-project. I got the idea of doing an EDM side-project earlier this year, after listening to a lot of Dubstep and other types of EDM music (the main type of EDM music I’m going to be putting out as PROJEKT61 is Dubstep, by the way).

I still plan on making hip-hop music (writing, producing, and performing it) but I realized that its going to take a while before I fully master making it (primarily the lyrics part). Even though I have made great improvements, I still have some way to go. I’ll be working on my Hip-Hop and EDM music simultaneously. In addition, I got very interested in Dubstep and EDM music after learning music production with the aid of YouTube videos (with videos from Boy In A Band being the most notable and influential). This type of music also reflects the way I’ve been feeling lately.

“Load Up!” is my first single. The title was inspired by Lenovo’s video project “The Forbidden Load” from their “Be An Action Hero” Facebook app. The song was originally titled “Load 61” but I changed it to “Load Up!” after my friend Jin suggested it –  he said that it has a better flow since its my first full-length song.

So, here is “Load Up!”, which is available as a free download on Soundcloud. Enjoy:

By the way, I’m now on Pinterest and I designed the PROJEKT61 logo and “Load Up! – Single” artwork myself. Expect new music from PROJEKT61 soon.

“ThinkPad W530” lyrics

Lenovo ThinkPad W530

Before getting into the subject of this post, I would like to say something: As of late, I haven’t been able to update my blog as much as I wanted. The reason is because I been very busy taking care of some personal stuff, along with career-related stuff (in fact, it took me a while to finish the material that I made for this post). There have been a lot of things going on in my personal life since the beginning of the year that have made a huge impact – and for the better. This has been a big year for me so far and lets just say that what has happened to me as of late marks the beginning of something new. Something that has been missing my whole life, which took me until this year to find, and that has profoundly affected me. (I might just have to post something at the end of the year about this.) Things are starting to calm down but there is still some work to be done.

So with that out of the way, and before getting to the material that’s at the center of this post, I’m gong to talk about the lyrics a bit. First of all, this song will be on my Lenovo-related, mixtape project called “The Lenovo Album“. The song is about/for – you guessed it – the ThinkPad W530. What inspired me to write the material that’s in the song was the issue/controversy over the new layout of the ThinkPad keyboards. I personified (by using the anthropomorphism technique) the W530 to let everyone know how it would feel about the (senseless) criticism its been getting over the new keyboard layout, if it were a human being. This is also a reflection of me and how I feel about this issue (you’re going to see that I feel quite strongly about the rejection of the new keyboard layout by some ThinkPad fans – mostly “old-school” ThinkPadders).

I realize that this song may be a bit controversial to some, just because of the controversy surrounding the new keyboard layout, and I accept that. I know that there some people that are going to have mixed feelings about it, but it needs to be said. This song is also something that I’ve never done before: In the past, when I would write songs about ThinkPads/Lenovo PCs, it would talk about the specs (most notably on “ThinkPad W510” and “ThinkPad L Series“, the latter which I’m going to re-make for “The Lenovo Album”) or the stuff they can do (most notably on “ThinkPad W520“). But for this song, I decided to use anthropomorphism to bring the W530 to ‘life’ and let it do the talking. So as a result, this is more like a personal (rap) song, with me using an alter-ego to tell my story (and this song definitely felt more personal).

Lastly, I attempted to use a more complex rhyme-scheme than in my previous lyric, “ThinkPad W520“. I have really been attempting to improve my rap skills as of late and I am making good progress, but I still have some way to go before I truly master the skill, as I am still new to this – so don’t expect ‘perfection’ (but I can guarantee you that I’m working on it and am fully committed to further improving).  All I can say is, I tried my best, and I’ll keep writing to improve.

Overall, this song tells the story of a young man who’s on the rise and as a result of this he now has greater opportunities, which he is using to do bigger and better things. He is really enjoying these new opportunities and worked hard for them. But along the way, he has to deal rejection and (senseless) criticism from some people that he’s known for a long time, who think that his newfound fame and fortune are going to his head, just because of the ‘bigger and better’ things that he’s doing (i.e. the new keyboard layout). In reality, this isn’t true and doesn’t tell the whole story (it doesn’t even tell the real story!) – those folks are either jealous or slow to accept change, but the thing they all have in common is that they’re all being ignorant. He makes it loud and clear that he’s not going to get bogged down by their dogma, pessimism, ignorance, and jealousy – he’s going to do what he feels is right for him, since only he knows what’s best for him. He’s going to use his haters to keep doing what he’s doing.

So now that I have gotten that over with, here are the lyrics to my song, “ThinkPad W530”:

ThinkPad W530
by Eli Turner

[Verse 1]
The W series is back with a bang
It’s the W530 all up in this track
The People’s champ, aiming for the cup, never having a doubt
Just cruisin’ along, movin’ and groovin’, but never slacking off
It’s all been good lately, been livin’ the high life
Been getting’ attention that I’d never thought I would get but deserved
I’ve been feelin’ grateful and thankful for what I have
But lately I”ve been feelin’ some resentment towards some people
Ever since I got this big, I’ve been able to go out and about
Upgraded to some new swag, namely a new keyboard with a new layout
But not everyone gets what I’m doing and they seem to be stuck in a box
So lately I been gettin’ some lame hate mail in my inbox
I’ve must’ve had really messed up this time
‘Cause people keep tellin’ me that I’ve destroyed my heritage
They’re tellin’ me that I”ve changed, that I’m not the same guy from last year
But despite this I feel alright, they’ve got nothin’ on me, I’ll make them dissapear

[Verse 2]
I’m the undisputed king of my kingdom, there’s no doubt about it
Just ask my acquaintances, they’ll tell you the same, so don’t fool with me
Your hatred and senseless words have nothing on me
So think twice before you say something and say it right
Recently, some knucklehead had the decency to to diss on me
Accuin’ me of abandoning my heritage
They be sayin’ that I’m killing everything I’ve earned and worked for
That the fame and the power are changin’ me for the worse
Look, I’m a visionary, I don’t need to listen to your nonsense
I’m all about my business, so mind your own, nosey
Your jealousy will get you nowhere and your ignorance makes you dumb
So if I were you I would back off before bitting my thumb
Just sit back and witness a superstar in the making
I’m about to leave you in the dust, baking and aching
So if you ain’t gonna be a part of this then just disapear
‘Cause I’m about to vanish you into the clear

Ringo 2012

Back in late June, I got to listen to Ringo Starr’s latest album, Ringo 2012. I liked it a whole lot and I really enjoyed listening to it — a lot of the songs had a reggae type of sound/feel. I think its a great album and I would recommend it to anyone.

I liked all of the songs from the album but there are two of them that I seemed to like the most. They are:


I would have to say that my favorite lines from the song are:
“This is an anthem, for peace and love
We’ve gotta keep trying, we can’t give up”


“In Liverpool”


The lines that I could really relate to in this song were:
“Me and the boys me and the gang
Living out fantasies
Breaking the rules acting like fools that’s how it was for me
How was it for you”
I see myself in these lines because I was like that when I was younger (and I still pretty much am).

Ringo is one of my favorite artists. He and I share a lot of things in common and he also inspired and encouraged me to be off-beat and use unique fills (among other things) when I’m making beats — I have an unconventional type of beat making style. He encouraged me to create and follow my own style (I tend to go with the flow and feel of the music. Apparently, so does he). Ringo is not only one of my favorite artists (and people), (like my friend Ryan 😉 ) he is also one of my influences (and I’m primarily a hip-hop aritst).

And oh yeah, I do malapropisms pretty frequently…I seem to be prone to saying things slightly wrong sometimes.

The Evolution Of My Lyric Writing

After taking a few years off of writing lyrics, I came back in 2010 and continued my education. I have only writen four lyrics and they all’ve been about Lenovo computers. The reason that I’ve only writen four songs is because I’m new to lyric writing and I’m still learning about it (I’m only a student right now). I’m still trying to find and develop my writing style, as well (but I’m getting there). I haven’t writen any “personal” songs yet because I don’t feel I’m ready to do so yet (and like I said earlier, I’m still trying to find and develop my writing style), but I’ve been working on that lately so you might see something later this year (I can’t wait!).

In this post, I would like to discuss the four lyrics I have out there. I want to provide some background information about those lyrics, so everyone can know more about them. I’ll also provide details about how much my lyric writing improved when I wrote each song. The four lyrics that I have writen are highlighted in bold:

  • “ThinkPads” was more of an old-school rap lyric. Back then, I wasn’t thinking about structure or anything like that (hey, I was only 16 back then – I was just a kid), I just wanted to write a lyric about ThinkPads. This lyric was originally published on the thinkpads.com forum, on the “Off Topic” forum (I called the post “ThinkPad Song” or “ThinkPads Song”).
  • “ThinkPad W510” and “ThinkPad L Series” were very experimental. This is were I started thinking a bit more about structure, but wasn’t quite there yet. The approach I took with those two lyrics was to take some elements of rap lyrics and combine them with elements of free verse poetry, and the result was something that was experimental. They may not be “the best” lyrics out there, they may not be “mainstream friendly”, and they may be a bit odd, but I’m still proud of them. I just really wanted to write a lyric for the ThinkPad W510 and a lyric for the ThinkPad L Series at the time. I was 20 when I wrote them, by the way. These two lyrics were published here on my personal blog.
  • “ThinkPad W520” is more of a “regular” rap lyric (my genre is Alternative Hip Hop, by the way), meaning, it follows the structure of contemporary rap lyrics out there (or at least it almost does). I begun to rhyme for the first time since “ThinkPads”, and it (the rhyming) was more consistent and varied. Unlike (most of) my previous work, it is less logical and more personal. This is were I really bring the ThinkPad to life, by personifying it a bit, but I still didn’t achieve what I was looking for (…at least I tried and I was almost there). I talk less about its tech features and more about its actual personality (it’s like a hybrid, but I want to take it a step further on my next song). I feel like the lyric is a bit more “visual”, but wasn’t quite there yet. I was 20 when I started writing this, and was 21 when I finished writing this lyric. I published this lyric here on my personal blog last year (2011).

Why am I writing songs about Lenovo computers, you ask? Because I love Lenovo and their PCs. I want to show people how they’re really like by personifying them. By doing this, I’m showing everyone how much they mean to me, and how great creativity is. Plus, I’m using them to help find and develop my writing style.

I’m very proud of these lyrics because even though I was just a beginner in lyric writing, I worked hard on these lyrics and did the best I could. I was extremely passionate about writing these lyrics and I think that’s what really matters in the end. In addition, I was constantly trying to improve my work. All that really matters to me is passion, hard work, motivation, improvement, and life-long learning. I just want to focus on the journey.

I’m really looking forward to releasing “ThinkPad W530”, as well as some of my more personal stuff. I have learned so much from writing these lyrics and from reading other artist’s lyrics. I can’t wait to apply everything I’ve learned in my future lyrics (starting with “ThinkPad W530”).