Show ‘N’ Tell: Links!

Today, I thought I would share some links. But before I begin, I would like to say that today is my 23rd birthday. Of course, I had lots of birthdays. But the one thing that makes this one stand out is the fact that this is my first birthday as Ryan, so this is a pretty special birthday for me.

Now, on to the links I wanted to share:

Old PROJEKT61 logo (above); New PROJEKT61 logo (below).

Old PROJEKT61 logo (above); New PROJEKT61 logo (below).

PROJEKT61 Logo Refresh
On my Eli Turner blog over at Tumblr (my design blog), I discussed the redesign I did for my EDM project, PROJEKT61. I actually designed the font for the new logo (so you won’t find it anywhere else). Read the post to find out more, including why I did this redesign.


(Current) PROJEKT61 logo.

PROJEKT61 logo.

Q&A with PROJEKT61
I recently did a Q&A over at my blog (on Tumblr) for PROJEKT61 (my EDM project). Read the post to find out about my progress in producing and DJing, as well my influences, future plans, and upcoming projects. In addition, you’ll find out about my thoughts on my first single.


Groundbreaking US Lawsuit Filed on Genital Surgery
That’s right! The title says it all! Doctors are now being held accountable for their actions. No longer are they getting a “free pass”. I wish the best of luck to M.C. and his parents. I hope they win their case and I hope that justice will be served. Hopefully this will also make unconsentual genital surgery on infants/minors illegal. All I can say is, ‘its about time’.

Things Are Looking Up: M.C. Case Reshapes Public Understanding of Intersex In the US
The M.C. case is reshaping the way the public understands Intersex in the US. Intersex has always been ‘sensationalized’ here in the US, insulting people like myself. Good to hear that people (the media, in particular) here in the US are taking Intersex more seriously.

California Transgender Identity Bill Passes Assembly
My state (California) is in the process of passing a bill that will make updating Transgender folks legal documents much easier. Currently in my state, you have to go to court to get a gender change before fixing your birth certificate. If this law passes, the process will be more like a gender error correction where you apply directly to the Office of Vital Records to amend a birth certificate – going to court will no longer be required. In additon, it will make the name change process more private. Currently, you have to publish a notice on a local newspaper for four weeks to make a name change – Trans individuals included. This law will exempt Trans people from having to do that. This is very good news and hopefully this law passes. (I might just have to this instead of doing the gender error correction thing, since only my gender – not my name – will be ammended by doing this and my name change will be made public. I’ll really have to think about this.)


(Image courtesy of Scientific American)

Dear American Consumers: Please Don’t Start Eating Healthfully. Sincerely, the Food Industry
If the Food Industry here in the US were to write a letter (an honest letter) to us, this is how it would look like.



ThinkPad X1 Carbon (left) and IdeaPad Yoga (right)

First time ThinkPad or IdeaPad user checklist
Are you a first time ThinkPad or IdeaPad user? Get started with this useful checklist from Lenovo Forums. (Note: This assumes you have a Windows preload.)


Show ‘N’ Tell: Eli Turner Tumblr

Eli Turner Tumblr blog

About two weeks ago, I launched the Eli Turner Tumblr blog. It is primarily going to focus on my work in hip-hop music – demos, ideas, works in progress, finished tracks, whereabouts, etc. I am also thinking about launching a separate blog for showing my design work – I just thought that it would be best if I separated my two fields. I also thought about using my first name Ryan as my designer name, while leaving my second name Eli as my music name, but I’m still thinking about it (It’s probably best if I did).

So while I’m using my Tumblr blog to show my art, I’m using my WordPress blog (this one) as my personal blog. Like it says in my “about” page I started this blog in 2010 with the intention to share my personal stuff with everyone and to get experience at blogging (I also did it for fun) and I intend to keep it that way. Now what I need to do is come up with more material to share, as well as schedule more time to write full-length posts (this is my main issue).

So far, I have shared the artwork for my debut mixtape “The Lenovo Album” (which is for the Lenovo crowd), and two music ideas that I came up with yesterday (they’re my first music releases). Head over to my Tumblr blog to view the artwork for and find out a bit more about “The Lenovo Album”, as well as to hear my very first music releases (which are ideas for full-length tracks). (By the way, this means that I will have to open up my SoundCloud account soon, since I’m finally starting to do work in music – after two years of studying. I’m having a great time doing this – and I’m just getting started!)

Update 11-2-2012: I decided to make the focus of the Eli Turner Tumblr on my hip-hop music and design work. I will continue to be credited as Eli Turner on design work. I’m thinking about making a personal Tumblr which I’ll probably call “Ryan Turner’s Tumblr”.

Eli Turner Logo and Brand Identity Design

I would like to introduce to everyone the Eli Turner brand identity design and logo. I’ve been working on this all year and I feel like I finally have come up with a design that I love and fits the type of brand I’m trying to portray, as well as my personality. In this post, I will be sharing and talking a bit about my logo, Twitter background, and the design that I have in mind for my Tumblr theme (I will be opening a Tumblr account soon).

The Eli Turner logo and brand identity design were largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad logo and brand identity designs (It was even influenced a bit by Apple’s brand identity). When I thought about what I wanted my logo and brand identity to look like, I told myself that I wanted something that looked unique, elegant, simple, versatile, sophisticated, timeless, classy, easy to remember, minimalistic, and something that would also pay tribute to the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands because they are some of the things that I’m very passionate about. I felt that their brand identities reflected my style and personality.

Eli Turner logo with “ET” symbol

Eli Turner Logo: The Eli Turner logo uses the Bebas Neue font. I modified it a bit, by making the middle line on the “E” letter shorter and putting a red dot on top of the “i” (thereby turning it into a lower-case letter, as this font only has capitols). I decided to do a symbol with my initials in it, because I figured that it would make my logo look more unique. The design was inspired by the TrackPoint pointing device on ThinkPads.

Eli Turner Twitter background

Eli Turner Twitter Background: My new Twitter background – which I will be debuting after I finish promoting Lenovo’s “Book Of Do” campaign – has a minimalist look, which basically consists of just my logo with the ET icon, and a ThinkPad W530 with a picture of me on its display. When I thought of how I wanted my new Twitter background to look like, I said to myself that I wanted to include a ThinkPad or something else that symbolizes my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo. The ThinkPad symbolizes, not only my love for ThinkPads and Lenovo, but also freedom and independence.

Eli Turner Tumblr theme: A work in progress

Eli Turner Tumblr Theme: This is a design I made for my upcoming Tumblr blog (which will be my artist blog — just as a reference, this is my personal blog). Note that It’s incomplete — I’m still working on it, but it gives you an idea of how its going to look like. Again, it has a minimalist look and was largely influenced by the Lenovo and ThinkPad brands. I took examples from Lenovo’s website and blog as well as a few other sites including Tumblr sites. I most likely won’t be wearing this theme when I launch my Tumblr page because I can’t code yet. I’m trying to learn more about coding and see if I will be able to code this – if not, then I will have to search for someone else to do it.

I really love how my logo and brand identity design came out. I really feel like I have something that will make me stand out from all the other artists out there. I also feel like I have something timeless, memorable, and versatile that will last me for years, and that reflects my brand and personality.

Show ‘N’ Tell: Ms. Kline Online

A screenshot of "Ms. Kline Online"

Today, I wanted to share with everyone a blog by a friend of mine. It’s called “Ms. Kline Online” and its by Stacy Kline, a computer teacher at Spurgeon Intermediate School – a middle school in Santa Ana, California. She created the blog for her class, where the students can see what they’re going to do in class for the day – and where the public can see what they’re up to. It also includes school-related links for the students to go to in order to complete class assignments. I like visiting this site because I get to see what Ms. Kline is up to. It also lets me see all the changes that have been going on since I left Spurgeon (in 2004).

I have not seen or talked to Ms. Kline in two years because of scheduling difficulties on my part. I really hope I get to see her in the near future, I really miss her. She might not have been my teacher back when I was attending Spurgeon but I always helped her around the computer lab almost everyday after school and while I was an office aide for my (or should I say, “our”) late friend Russell Ford. I would also show her drawings I made, pictures I took, tell her about stuff…among other things. We became great friends (I even see her as a mother figure). Visiting this website just gets me closer to her.

So overall, this is a great website and Ms. Kline is a great teacher (she’s a great example of what a teacher should be). It’s very interesting to see what the students are up to. In addition to that, we get to see Ms. Kline’s teaching style (which I think is great). From what I’m seeing, the students who attend her class get to do some pretty fun stuff (especially when you consider the poor education kids in this country are getting these days) and I’m sure they enjoy being in her class (she’s very friendly and a great all-around person).