My First ThinkPad

My First ThinkPad: An R51 (that I named “Steven”)

In 2004, I got my first ThinkPad, an R51. I used it during my high school years to do classwork and homework, as well as work of my own initiation, and I brought it to class everyday. It served me well and was able to take everything I threw at it but there’s this one incident that happened to me one time that I still remember: I was in one of my classes and it was about to begin when I set my R51 on my desk, I reached into my backpack to grab something and when I turned around, my R51 fell to the floor (after I accidentally tipped it over). It seemed like the incident never happened because it was still in good working order, after I picked it up and powered it on. I was a little worried that something bad might have happened to it, but despite that, I was confident that it was still working since its, after all, a ThinkPad.

By the way, here’s Lenovo’s version of “My First ThinkPad“. My friend Jin is in there but for some reason I did not get included, even though I submitted my story (and a lot of my fellow Lenovo Insiders aren’t there for some reason as well). UPDATE: It seems like Kionna (the author and the person in charge of the Lenovo Advocacy Program) didn’t get to see my submission…She said it was her bad, so ‘problem solved’  :).


ThinkPads at the Beach

Today, I thought I’d share some pictures of my ThinkPads at the beach. Now, you may be wondering why I take my ThinkPads to the beach and the answer to that is simply because I love my ThinkPads very much – they’re like my children. I don’t actually use them, I just like having them around and take pictures of them (since photography is one of my hobbies). I like to take pictures of my ThinkPads in settings that most people wouldn’t think about taking them to (even though they’re ThinkPads will be okay most of the time). I would have to say that my ThinkPads handled going to the beach very well – they’ve lived up to the quality that ThinkPads are known for.

Beach blanket ThinkPad

This is my ThinkPad R51 “Steven” (my first ThinkPad and laptop) catching some rays at Newport Beach, California back in July 2005.

ThinkPad watching the boats go by

This is my ThinkPad T60 “Justin” watching the boats go by at Corona Del Mar, California back in July 2011.

ThinkPads going fishing at Newport Pier

Here are my ThinkPads R51 “Steven” and T41 “Theodore” at Newport Pier (in Newport Beach, California) back in July 2008. We were fishing at the pier at the time.

“Anyone wanna go boogie boarding with a couple of ThinkPads?”

Here are Theodore (the T41) and Steven (the R51) on my boogie board in Newport Beach back in July 2008.

Joey, a ThinkPad T60p

Joey, the ThinkPad T60p

This is Joey. He’s a ThinkPad T60p. He belongs to one of friends, who came over to my house back in December (2011) and let me play with his T60p for about 30 minutes or so. I was very excited to use it as, until up to that point, I had never used a 15″ T60/p or a mobile workstation.  I have to say that it was a great experience. I got to see how its like to use a workstation (as I am about to upgrade to a W series ThinkPad (I’m currently using a 14.1″ T60) to use as my main computer later this year or next year). I got to see how its like to work on a UXGA screen, which was very crisp and pretty roomy – just not as roomy as a widescreen 15″ (which I prefer. Working on a standard screen when you’re doing multiple tasks feels rigid to me). Of course like all ThinkPads, it felt solid and overall, it was a pleasure to use.

Meet Kevin

Kevin, the ThinkPad T61

This is Kevin. He’s a ThinkPad T61 and is the “brother” of Stevie (the ThinkPad T42 I showed a picture of last week). This picture was taken back in December when my friend Art came over to pick up Stevie (after letting him stay at my house). He also let me “play” with Kevin for about 30 minutes (or more) and I got to know him quite a bit.

[Regular talk now] I had a great time using the T61. My favorite part would have had to be the 15.4″ screen. I found it to very spacious. I like how I had the ability to view multiple pages at once – it made me feel like I was more productive, I was able to get tasks done quicker. In addition, the screen was crisp and clear. I felt really comfortable using it. Overall, the T61 is a great ThinkPad/laptop/computer (and Kevin is a great kid, by the way 🙂 ).

A ThinkPad T42 named Stevie

A ThinkPad T42 named Stevie

This is a picture of a ThinkPad T42 named “Stevie”. A friend of mine let me borrow him back in 2008 and didn’t go home until December of last year (2011). I had a great time hanging out with him, I really enjoyed having him around, and I miss him (but I’m sure he’s happy to be back home with his family). The T42 is a great ThinkPad (and computer, and laptop).

Tyler, the ThinkPad X1

Tyler, the ThinkPad X1

Tyler, the ThinkPad X1

Meet Tyler, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1. I “met” him at the Microsoft Store in South Coast Plaza (in Costa Mesa, California) back in October of last year (2011).  He was a lot of fun to be with and I had a great time using him. He was sturdy and felt so rugged that you could kick him and nothing would happen to him. Bottom line is that the X1 is a great laptop (and ThinkPad) and you really need to try one out for yourself in order to see how great it truly is.  It is one of Lenovo’s greatest work.