Lenovo ThinkPad Stack Review

Here’s my video review of the Lenovo ThinkPad Stack. This is my first video review so I hope I didn’t do too bad!


The TRT Diaries: 1 Year on T

Its been a year since I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and I’ve seen plenty of changes since then. I can happily say that things have really turned around for the better for me since last summer, when I was truly suffering from those Low Testosterone (Low T) symptoms. In this video, I go over some of the most prominent changes while on T – all from an intersex guy’s perspective.

Click here to catch up or get a re-cap on all my other ‘TRT diaries’ entries!

Same-sex marriage is finally legal in the U.S.!

Happy belated 4th of July to my fellow Americans! Legalizing same-sex marriage was a great way to celebrate our nation’s birth. Here’s a video were I express my thoughts on it.

I was originally supposed upload this late in the week, either at or just before the 4th but couldn’t because I still was editing it and because of time constraints.

Lenovo wants to make a Retro ThinkPad!

Lenovo (but more specifically, David Hill) wants to make a retro ThinkPad! This ThinkPad will have classic features in a modern design along with all the latest technolgy, which will make this a very unique ThinkPad!

In this video, In addition to announcing it, I give my opinion on the idea. I discuss what I think and how I feel about this – from my point of view. Its not going to reflect everyone’s views, so keep that in mind. This is more of a commentary than an announcement video.

David Hill’s Lenovo Blogs article (make sure to let him know your opinion on this and if you want to buy such a ThinkPad).

Article on ThinkScopes about the survey phase.

[Vlog] My package got lost in the mail! (Thanks USPS!)

Here’s a vlog were I discuss my recent bad experience with USPS. If you’ve been following my Tumblr closely as of late, then you’ll know that its about the lost package that contained my FreeToM prosthetic.

P.S. There was actually no pun intended when I came up with the title, even though it seems like it…it just happened to come out that way :D. Feel free to laugh if you want!

P.P.S. I recently decided to do YouTube full-time (so it will be my full-time job along with music from now on), so expect to see content more frequently! (I’ll do my best with the space constraints I have right now.)

Malta Bans Intersex Genital Mutilation!

In early April, Malta became the first nation to ban Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM)! This is a huge, historic victory for the intersex community and is a first step towards banning IGM worldwide. In addition to banning IGM, the law also makes transitioning easier. In this video, I give my thoughts about the new law.

Congrats to Intersex and Trans people in Malta! Hopefully other countries will follow Malta’s lead in the near future.