My Social Links

My presence on the web:

Me on Twitter (@PROJEKT61)

Me on Instagram (@PROJEKT61)

My personal Google+ (‘Elipalooza (Eli Turner)’)

My personal Tumblr (Elipalooza+)

Me on Stumbleupon

My personal YouTube channel (Elipalooza)

My old YouTube channel (no longer active)

Me on Pinterest

Me on

I can also be found on the Lenovo Forums and forums as thePCxp. I’m also a contributor to


PROJEKT61 sites:

PROJEKT61 on Tumblr (will be turned into official website soon)

PROJEKT61 on Facebook

PROJEKT61 on Google+

PROJEKT61 on YouTube

PROJEKT61 on Vidme

PROJEKT61 on SoundCloud

PROJEKT61 on Mixcloud

PROJEKT61 on ToneDen

PROJEKT61 on Splice

PROJEKT61 on Artist’s Union

61 Chambers (official PROJEKT61 blog)


Coming Soon:

PROJEKT61 official website

61 Lives Art & Design official website


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