My Music

This is were I post links to the lyrics and music that I’ve made (along with the year they were made).

I’m credited as Eli Turner on the following lyrics/music:

ThinkPad L Series – Lyrics (2010)

ThinkPad W510 – Lyrics (2010)

ThinkPad W520 – Lyrics (2011)

ThinkPad W530 – Lyrics (2012)

Note: I will be credited as PROJEKT61 in future lyrics.


I’m credited as PROJEKT61 on the following music:

Load Up! (2012)

Sparks of Glory (2013)

PROJEKT61’s Lenovo C440 Showcase Mix (2013)

PROJEKT61’s ThinkPad 21st Birthday Mix (2013)

The PROJEKT61 Show (music podcast on Mixcloud) (2016)


Projects I’m working on (with expected release dates):

PROJEKT61 – 61 Lives EP (TBA)

PROJEKT61 – The Lenovo Album (TBA)

ThinkPad W540 – Lyrics (TBA)


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