No, Intersex People Don’t Prove That Gender Isn’t Binary

I recently saw a video by Blaire White (who’s a Transgender Woman who speaks out against SJWs on YouTube), where she read some comments by Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). One of the comments she read was about intersex people, and it read: “Don’t intersex people prove that gender isn’t binary?” Of course, Blaire and I agree that intersex people don’t prove that gender isn’t binary and this inspired me to make a comment about that on her video’s comment section. I initially was going to write a shorter comment but I ended up writing something longer that looked more like a blog post, so I posted a shorter version of it. I decided to turn the long post into blog post since I thought it would make for some great material for my blog, so that’s what I bring you today! So here are my thoughts on people saying that intersex people somewhat ‘prove’ that gender isn’t a binary:

“I find the fact that these dumb SWJs are using people with intersex conditions like myself to further their gender identity politics agenda appalling. All of this just feels pretty derogatory to me. What’s even more distressing is the fact that these crazy SJWs (and feminists) have brainwashed other intersex people into thinking that having an intersex condition is somehow ‘normal’, as well as fooling them into thinking that intersex is a ‘third sex’ and this whole ‘intersex people prove that gender isn’t binary’ nonsense. Some even take offense when someone says that intersex is a birth defect.

As a person with an intersex condition, I can very much say that this is indeed a birth defect. This birth defect is the reason why I had a gender error at birth – in which I was assumed to be biologically female when I was in actuality biologically male, something that I didn’t find out until I got older due to the nature of my condition – and had to go through the tedious legal process of gender reassignment (fortunately for me, I was born in and still live in California so the process was less of a pain in the ass to do) and was forced to live as someone I wasn’t for the first 21 years of my life and missed out on a lot as a result. Its the reason why I have to take Testosterone Replacement Therapy for as long as I live in order to keep me healthy since my body has a hard time producing its own (I have primary male hypogonadism – which means I have ‘broken balls’, lol). And its the reason why I have to use a prosthetic penis for sex (since I was born with a micropenis), as well as for “packing” in order to look (and feel) more like a normal man.

For these SJWs to say that its “normal” is just dishonest and further from the truth – its really no different than telling kids that Santa Claus is real. Being intersex can be a bit of a handicap and its why we often have to resort to these treatments. Its not because of the so-called “gender binary” or the patriarchy, but rather, its so we can live normal, regular lives, and its fine just as long as we have full autonomy and full, informed consent over it. And, oh yeah, most of us identify as either male or female (I, of course, identify as male), and we’re either male of female despite the size of our genitals or the presence – or lack thereof – certain reproductive organs or hormone levels. People with my condition are biologically male and strongly identify as such. We’re often forced to live as girls growing up and so gender reassignment isn’t uncommon among my kind. The only reason I even mention that is because these SJWs and feminists say that gender is a social construct and that we’re ‘proof’ that gender isn’t binary. Well here’s proof that gender isn’t a social construct and that there is a gender binary.

People, like myself, who are afflicted by these conditions are trying to raise awareness that these conditions exist so we can educate people more about these these conditions, get more research done into our conditions so we can better understand our bodies, get more legal protections, and get doctors to stop mutilating babies that are born with intersex conditions (most of the time, operations on intersex babies are unnecessary – there is no medical need for them unless there is something, like a blocked urethra, that actually requires it – and actually do more harm than good) and instead give both the patients and their parents psychotherapy and access to support groups, as well as get doctors to be more honest and transparent towards intersex patients and their parents. SJWs are derailing this and doing more harm than good by infusing their identity politics into our cause, which might make people think that we’re a bunch of crazy SJWs. I fear that people aren’t going to take us seriously if the SJWs keep doing this shit and having their way.”

Bottom line is, SJWs need to stop speaking for us. They’re only doing more harm than good. These people don’t understand how its like to live with an intersex condition and are only using us to further promote their ideology – an ideology which has no scientific basis whatsoever and is only based on feelings and emotion. They especially need to stop exploiting young intersex people who have gone through the trauma of genital mutilation, and are trying to come to terms over what happened to them when they were younger. What they’re doing sounds a lot like creationism and is really no different than telling a kid that god, Santa Claus, and the easter bunny are real. It is dishonest and exploitative, and only does more harm than good. The reality is that there is no valid scientific evidence that there are more than two genders (or sexes, for that matter). Even if you’re “genderfluid”, you’re still either male or female (both in terms of gender and sex). Why else do you think that trans people exist? Not only does this kind of stuff harm the intersex community, but it also harms the trans community. I’m sorry to say this but you’re not “non-binary”, you’re just a “gender trender”, or a “trans trender” if you claim to be a “non-binary transgender” person.

Blaire’s video is called This Is Your Brain On Social Justice and you can watch it here. If you like seeing SJWs be taken down and are looking for a place to interact with other like-minded people – especially if you’re transgender and want see a trans person speaking out against the SJW machine that seems to have taken over the transgender community, then I highly recommend you subscribe to Blaire’s channel!

I’ll be posting more of my thoughts on the current state of the intersex rights movement and the current-day intersex community soon (and the LGBTI rights movement and community as a whole). I’ll see you all next time!

My Thoughts on the #RollCallVote

Hey everyone, I’m back after not posting here for a quite a while. The reason I haven’t been posting as of late is because I’ve been incredibly busy. I’m currently making the transition to a full-time professional music producer and sound designer and I’m doing a lot of preparation work (including arranging my new schedule), but I’ll discuss that more in another post.

Right now, there’s a lot of stuff in my mind that I need to let out. As you all probably know by now, the Democratic National Convention is happening this week and today, there was a roll call vote – in which the Democratic nominee would be crowned. I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary and are registered as a “No Party Preference” (NPP) voter here in California (which means I’m an Independent voter), but voted with a crossover democratic ballot on election day.  Bernie was the best candidate for president, but was up against a rigged and corrupt system, so I knew this would be a tough election for him to win…and tough it was. He unfortunately ended up losing the nomination earlier today, and an unelectable, untrustworthy, corrupt candidate (Hillary Clinton) ended up winning instead because of this corrupt system.

I have so much to say right now so everyone, buckle up and listen up.

First of all, everyone calling Bernie a “sellout” please shut the fuck up. He is NOT a sellout, and his record speaks for itself. He didn’t sell out. He just did what HE felt was right (voting for the lesser of two evils). He knew he was against a rigged system, and that it was going to be extremely hard for him to win, so go easy on him. He knows how much we despise $hillary and that we’re independent-minded, so he doesn’t expect us to “fall in line” and he doesn’t have a problem with that – in fact, that’s exactly what he wants, its all part of the political revolution (which doesn’t happen overnight). Just like the rest of us, he’s not very thrilled about Hillary either (he’s not going to fundraise for her or anything like that, plus, he’s going back to the senate as an independent)…and he shouldn’t after everything she’s done to him. Bernie knew about stuff that was going on behind the scenes that we didn’t know about. He knew about all the rigging and corruption and did everything he could to fight back against it. He knew he had a steep hill to climb, and he knew the establishment would try to bring him down (and unfortunately, they did). Everyone bashing on him for this is just being a stupid, ignorant fuck – this is the result of outrage culture, were reason & logic are thrown out the window. I will continue to support Bernie in the senate, where he will continue to fight for us, and I highly suggest everyone else do the same.

Second thing: everyone saying the revolution is “over” also shut the fuck up…this is just getting started, its not over. One person cannot change the system. It takes A LOT of people for change to actually happen. So everyone, keep putting the pressure on these cucks, encourage people who truly care about the people and democracy to run for office, and most of all, elect people who will actually represent the people! The fight is never over, we have to actually FIGHT and KEEP FIGHTING! Like Public Enemy once said in one of their most iconic (and perhaps their most iconic) songs ever, Fight The Power!

Overall, my message to these people is: STOP BEING SUCH A SORE LOSER!!! We’re not going to get ANYTHING done with that attitude! I know you’re angry – I’m angry myself – but you cannot act in this manner. You let your opponents win by acting that way.

Now with that out of the way…All I have to say to the Democratic Party is: congrats for electing the most corrupt, hated, untrustworthy, and unelectable candidate your party has ever seen! Congrats for handing over the presidency over to Donald Trump and that monster of a VP Mike Pence (the guy you should all be actually afraid of – he’s the one who’s actually going to be running the country). Congrats for stooping as low as the Republican Party by rigging the elections, alienating a large voter base, silencing democracy, and being total and complete corporate sellouts! Hope you’re proud of yourselves! All of this is why I’m feeling very happy right now to be an independent voter & not a democrat (I’m registered as an NPP here in California). I’m an Independent because I don’t want to be beholden to a party, I don’t fully identify with one party, and I want flexibility. Many Democrats (including lifelong Democrats) are leaving the party because of your fucking antics. You betrayed them and you deserve everything that’s coming at you. You have nobody else to blame but yourselves.

To Hillary Clinton: Congrats for showing girls and women that they too can be president by being as corrupt as you! Congrats for showing the world that girls and women can also win by lying, cheating, bribing people, and degrading their opponents and their supporters – and not mention, being shady! I, for one, am not going to vote for you. You are corrupt as fuck. I want to vote for someone who’s honest, integral, and actually works for the people. You are not trustworthy. Just because you supposedly implemented some liberal/progressive policies, doesn’t mean that I automatically trust you – you’re just too beholden to your corporate donors and your history says everything I need to know about you. Actions speak louder than words and its clear that you’ve never acted on or cared about this shit. And just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean that I’m obligated to vote for you. You don’t deserve to be president, Bernie Sanders does. And you don’t deserve to be the first female president, Jill Stein does. The smart thing that you’ve could’ve done was to drop out, since you’re divisive, untrustworthy, and not doing so well with Independents & millennials (not to mention a cheater). But of course, you didn’t because you’re too arrogant and beholden to your corporate donors, and not to mention, you’ve had the whole establishment behind you. So if you lose this election (which you most certainly will), don’t blame me for Donald Trump becoming president. Blame yourself. Don’t you dare try to scapegoat other Bernie supporters such as myself, we’re not falling for it and we know you’re full of shit.

There’s people saying that Hillary is showing that women can be anything they want. If you’re talking about cheating, corruption, & bribery, then you’re absolutely right. Hillary showed everyone that anyone can be all of this. Hillary & the dems rigged the system in favor of her. Hillary cheated and Bernie was cheated out of this election. Bernie is the real winner here. He did this shit fair & square. He actually EARNED peoples votes. Hillary didn’t. Hillary had to resort to cheating to win. She’s the real loser here. When you have to resort to cheating to win, what does that tell you? It tells you you’re weak as fuck. It tells you that you suck.

People aren’t voting for Clinton & Trump because they like them. These people are two of the most disliked presidential candidates in the history of the U.S. People are voting for these two crooks because they want to stop the other. People don’t truly like them, they just feel like they have to vote for the other just to stop the other. They think these are the only two candidates. The reason being because our shitty media is keeping them in the dark about third party options.

My recommendations on voting for president this November are: If you lean more to the left, vote for Jill Stein (Green party candidate). If you lean more to the right, vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian party candidate). Both are solid candidates & way better than Hillary & Trump. You don’t have to vote for the lesser of two evils. There are alternatives out there. The mainstream media just isn’t telling you about it – and they wont tell you about it because they want to keep the status quo alive. Don’t vote for any of these two crooks (I’m of course talking about Trump and Clinton).

I endorsed Bernie for president in the primary elections. Since he unfortunately lost, I thereby endorse Jill Stein for president for the general election! Everyone go donate to her and spread the word. If we wanna see real change in this country, its up to us to vote for candidates that actually represent us the people and not the special interests (the 1% and the corporations). If there’s one thing that Bernie taught us is that honesty and integrity CAN win and that you DON’T NEED the help of giant donors to win. The internet and social media have helped even the field so that grassroots activism can actually be successful. Lets do the same thing that we did for Bernie to Jill. There’s too much at stake not to, so get to work!

The final thing I have to say is aimed at Bernie Sanders: Thank you for everything you’ve done for us! Thanks for motivating a new generation of voters and politicians to be more politically active – by voting and running for office. Even though you didn’t win, you still made history – and you’re still a winner in my eyes, regardless of the outcome of this election. Not only did you motivate me to vote for the very first time in my life but you also motivated and inspired me in my both my personal life and my budding career…I learned a lot of valuable things from you that I can implement in both my career and life! I’ll keep supporting you, even though you didn’t win the nomination! Keep fighting the good fight in the senate and elsewhere!

That is all I have to say. Keep the revolution going everyone!

Lenovo Yoga 900 Review Now on ThinkScopes!


My Yoga 900!

Hey everyone!

I made a review on the Lenovo Yoga 900 that I received back in mid-December. It took me a while to finish it but only because I wanted to spend a good amount of time with it and getting used to it before giving my thoughts on it. I finally published it on Monday and you can read it over at ThinkScopes! (Just go here to read it!)

I also made an unboxing video of the Yoga 900 – along with the sleeve I received for it – which you can see here. I was originally going to publish it back in January but it took me longer than I thought because I recently switched over to Adobe Premiere Pro (and After Effects) as my video editing program (I was originally using Windows Movie Maker) and it took me a while to learn it (I was also busy with other stuff so it took me even longer to learn it and make the video). Since I finished it much later than I originally thought, I released it along with the review in order to compliment it (the video is embedded at the end of the review). Its safe to say that this is the longest time I’ve ever taken on an unboxing video! I also decided to include a bonus clip towards the end of the video (which was a last minute thing, btw), where I demo the speakers of the Yoga 900 just for fun 😀 .

Hope everyone enjoys the review and the video!

Regarding David Pakman & the issue of ethics in journalism

If anyone reading this is following me on Twitter, then you would know that I got into a bit of a scuffle with David Pakman (host of “The David Pakman Show“) on Monday. It all started when I tried to point out to David that the video he did about Lenovo installing spyware is incorrect and is just more sensationalism by the sensationalist media (you can find out more about the story and why the accusations against Lenovo installing spyware/malware on their systems are false by going over to and reading the article that my friend Jonas wrote here. You can also watch the video he did on it here). How did he respond? Take a look for yourself:


Really David? Is this the best you could do? Sounds to me like a lame-ass excuse to chicken out of taking any responsibility. You could at least inform your writer that this story was a hoax. And what’s up with that snarky-ass attitude?


And so what, David? It sounds like you’re trying to accuse me of doing something shady. It seems to me as if you’re trying to say that I (as well as my friend Jonas) can’t be trusted just because I love Lenovo, I love to share their posts and spread the word about their products, and I’m a Lenovo Insider, as well as defend them from idiots like Michael Horowitz (the author of the article on Computer World falsely accusing Lenovo of spying – who seems to have some kind of beef against Lenovo and wrote this abhorrent article just to revenge on them and make them look bad) who don’t give a fuck about ethics. Newsflash: I’ve been doing this ever since before I became an insider (since 2005 when they first acquired IBM’s PC Division. I came to Lenovo from IBM. I became an Insider in late 2011). Lenovo (and especially ThinkPad) means a lot to me. It played a huge role for me growing up (I was 15 in 2005). It’s special. It has a lot of sentimental value to me. Not only that, but I really believe in them. They make a lot of great stuff and they’re the most innovative computer maker out there right now (they’re even outdoing Apple). Overall, they’re a great company and their employees are great too (they actually get treated like people, unlike in some other places. I know this because I come into contact with them on a daily basis). Lenovo is more than just a company to me – it is a lifestyle and a best friend.

Doesn’t matter. The point is you’re still not getting the memo.

Pakman, to me, sounds a lot more like an SJW (Social Justice Warrior) more than anything else. The way that he reacted to my tweet(s), and the fact that he still hasn’t retracted his story and apologized for reporting on misinformation, I think tells it all. This makes me question his character and honesty. Does he even care about journalistic intergrity and ethics? Or he is just yet another journalist who’s pandering to the SJW/PC crowd?

My advice to you David (and anyone else who does this type of shit) is: if you’re not going to check your facts straight and you’re just going to be lazy and report on anything regardless of whether its true or not, then stop calling yourself a journalist and start calling yourself for what you truly are: a pundit (or a paparazzo, for that matter).

I don’t care who writes your content, you still have a responsibility to uphold. You have a responsibility as a journalist to get your facts straight. It is your responsibility to correct yourself and learn from your mistakes People watch you to get informed about current events and issues – they’re counting on you. There’s a reason people are turning into alternative news outlets like yours: because the old school, establishment, corporate media has let them down. By doing this type of thing, you’re really no better than them – in fact, you are stooping down to their level. (And yeah, you certainly let me down.) In fact, you sound a lot like Fox News. You failed as journalist.

I’ll keep watching you (at least for a little bit) just so I can get other perspectives besides my own, but I don’t know if I can ever trust you again (for the record, I’ve always taken everyone’s comments with a grain of salt but this time around, things are different since David seemed to be so trustworthy). You seem to be pandering to the SJW narrative/crowd. You don’t seem to care about journalism at all – you only care about political correctness (PC) and you seem to be part of this SJW/PC media conglomerate. Folks like Kyle Kulinski, Dave Rubin, and Mundane Matt are FAR more superior to you. They actually care about journalistic integrity and could care less about the SJW/PC narrative. They actually care about getting the facts straight and correct themselves when they get something wrong and actually learn from their mistakes. I don’t see you doing that, so either fuck off, or get it together and actually own up to your shit. I’ve certainly lost my respect for you quite a bit, and this ordeal I think exposes your true character.

Please don’t believe any stories out there that accuse Lenovo of spying on its customers. They’re false, WAY overblown, and I can assure you that they would never do something like this. Lenovo is not spying on us and this is just more sensationalist bullshit. Once again, we’ve all been fooled by the media’s hunger for clicks, views, and profits. This is more than just about Lenovo, its is about journalistic integrity and ethics.

P.S. Sorry this post is a couple days late. I had to take care of some other things around here.

9/30/2015 Update

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a little update on what’s been happening with me as of recently and the direction I’m going to be heading with this blog, my personal YouTube channel, and my career.

Monday was a pretty rough day for me. As some of you might know, I had a dispute with David Pakman on Twitter when I tried to tell him that his story about Lenovo spying on its customers was false and that he needed to backtrack it. I seemed to have failed at it and it really took a toll on me. I seem to be recovering from all that nicely, but I definitely felt very burned out earlier in the week. I just felt this sense of defeat and it was unbearable.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I came to the realization that maybe being a YouTube commentator full-time is not for me (at least right now). I made the decision to do this full time during the summer but things have changed now. My ordeal with Pakman made me realize this as well as a video that Mr. Repzion made earlier in the week callled “Time is Valuable“. I realized that there are simply too many stupid people on the internet these days (but particularly on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook) for me and its difficult to educate them properly on stuff, debate them, ignore/dismiss them, etc. (something that Mr. Repzion mentioned in his video). Not only that but, it made me realize that music is where truly belong at (full time, of course). I see myself working in music for life (its always been that way), and I feel like I haven’t been paying enough attention to that lately (despite my new schedule). Plus, even though there are stupid people who comment on your music, its much easier to debate, ignore & dismiss them. Overall, the culture in music is more laid-back & more positive and I like that (especially when we’re talking about EDM).

My little ordeal is similar to the one that pro motocrosser Chad Reed went through recently: after realizing that he couldn’t handle being both a team owner full time and a rider full time, he made the hard decision to close down his team and is returning to being only a full time rider for another team (at this time, he is either still searching for a team, or he has found one but can’t reveal the details just yet). I, on the other hand, came to the realization that I couldn’t be a music producer/audio engineer/DJ/songwriter/recording artist full time and be a YouTube commentator full time. PROJEKT61 is still in its infancy, I have huge plans for it, and it needs all the attention it can get (especially since I’m either at a place or almost at a place where I can finally keep up with the heavyweights – something that I’ve been working on for 5 years). If I want to become a highly respected, highly sought-after artist, then I need to focus more on that as I still have a long way to go (just like Chad Reed wants to try to win another championship and therefore has to focus on that as much as possible).

I love commenting on stuff – I’m highly opinionated – but I just can’t do it as a full time job (at least not at this time) because I have other things to tend to. People seem to expect a channel to be focused on one type of thing – they don’t want it to be scattered. The expectations that come from being that type of YouTuber are just too much for me to handle (long time YouTubers like Mr. Repzion and Dave from seem to be feeling burnt out from that). Sorry to burst your bubble but that’s not my thing (and it doesn’t seem to be Mr. Repzion’s thing either). I originally created this channel to be experimental (just like this blog) and therefore its going to be scattered, and its going to stay that way (it is my personal channel, after all). If you want more focus and consistency, then go over to the PROJEKT61 channel since that’s only focused one thing and that is music. So if you love music, EDM, and bass music go over to that channel (I haven’t uploaded much over there but expect more from there soon).

So with that said, my personal YouTube channel will become my side-project again – it will become my hobby and part-time gig again, where I will post whenever I have time or whenever I feel like it – while the PROJEKT61 channel will become my main channel. I will be working on growing that channel more, and growing the brand as a whole (again, I have big plans for it). Obviously, I’m still a YouTuber, but with different priorities now. I’m still planing to go to VidCon but mostly for PROJEKT61 (I want to meet up with other musicians on YouTube & get some more networking and business tips). Overall, its full-steam ahead for PROJEKT61. I can change my plans/mind at anytime but that’s my plan for now. I need to do what feels right for me and I need to do what makes me really happy. In fact, ever since I made this decision, I’ve seen a big improvement in my happiness.

I’ve learned a lot from being a YouTube commentator (including learning more about myself) and I have really improved my skills in regards to commentating on stuff. Obviously, I’m still going to do commentaries on YouTube but its not going to be a full time thing. I know I haven’t been putting out a lot of fully written content on this blog and that’s because I felt quite a bit of writer’s block and I just didn’t know what was I going to do with this blog next (I have an easier time saying things as they come as opposed to just sitting down and writing them). But I think that making videos has helped me re-ignite that fire. I seem to feel motivated to write again. So with that said, expect me to publish more blogs in here again very soon! (Which is great because I have so much to say at time but don’t always have room around here to record.) Its obviously going to be a part-time/hobby sort of thing (like with my personal YT), which means that I’m only going to post when I have time and/or whenever I feel like it, but I’m going to do it. I might even be turning select posts in here into vlogs/podcasts so you can listen to them on-the-go, or while doing something else in general. They’re going to be sort of like audiobooks except that they’ll sound more ‘natural’.

I’ll catch you all tomorrow with a post about my Twitter scuffle with David Pakman, and ethics in journalism!

The TRT Diaries: 1 Year on T

Its been a year since I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) and I’ve seen plenty of changes since then. I can happily say that things have really turned around for the better for me since last summer, when I was truly suffering from those Low Testosterone (Low T) symptoms. In this video, I go over some of the most prominent changes while on T – all from an intersex guy’s perspective.

Click here to catch up or get a re-cap on all my other ‘TRT diaries’ entries!