The Evolution of Elipalooza

Before I begin, let me just say that this post is really just an extension of my previous post. It goes into further detail about the new direction of this blog. With that said…

This blog has grown and evolved as I have grown and evolved – which is a given since this is my personal blog, after all. Recently, I decided to re-brand this blog after I realized that I needed a platform to put out my grievances about stuff, but the branding I had before just wasn’t cutting it. I dabbled with doing it on YouTube, but after trying it, I realized that it was becoming a big hassle for that purpose (since I don’t have the proper resources and its a whole lotta work – its much easier for me to run a music YouTube channel). I’m highly opinionated and right now, I seem to have several opinions on various things and I need a place for me to broadcast those opinions, hence the re-brand.

When I first started this blog, I did it purely for fun and as a form of therapy. I wanted to see how it was like to blog. Since I started this blog in 2010, I’ve done a lot of experimentation with it, because that’s what it originally was: an experiment. I had no intention of taking it seriously. This was just something I did on the side to rant about stuff or goof around (depending on what mood I was in). Earlier this year, I made a commitment to write more stuff (both in the form of regular writing and music), since writing is something I’ve always enjoyed and – just like music – has always been a form of therapy for me. Like I said in my last post, I seem to be doing some of my best writing right now and I want to build upon that. I’m also hoping that this (just like with my artwork) will aid me in my music journey by helping me to write better music and make me more productive.

I’ve dabbled with the idea of taking blogging more seriously in the past, but I’ve never felt ready to do so or knew exactly what I wanted to do. It seems like I have finally figured it all out (see my previous post). I’m probably not going to take blogging fully seriously (since I’m already considering doing that for my music project right now) but I’m going to play around with taking it semi-seriously, to the least (since this is more of a side-project). Perhaps I’ll open up a Patreon for this blog in the near future, depending on how things turn out (that way, I can earn some extra money on the side and keep doing this on a more regular basis).

I would have to say that my biggest influences for this re-branding would have to be The Amazing Atheist, the Drunken Peasants, MrRepzion, Secular Talk, and MundaneMatt. (If you look closely, you’ll see that this blog and this re-branding is pretty reminiscent of that of MrRepzion.) This re-branding is very much influenced by YouTube commentators, like the ones I mentioned above. I’ve become an avid YouTube viewer in recent years (where I view mainly news, commentaries on news, politics, culture, & entertainment, educational content mostly relating to music, business, and marketing, and listen to music) and this re-branding reflects that. In actuality, the re-brand of this blog has been in the works for about a year or two and I’m very excited to finally roll it out. During this period, I had found a new vision for the blog but was puzzled as to what direction to take it in, until now of course.

The bulk of the content that I’ll be posting from now on will consist mostly of opinion pieces (you know, commentaries) on news, politics, and culture, as well as technology and maybe music on occasion (I kind of want to save the music one for the PROJEKT61 blog, but might try to dabble with it on this blog initially). This blog has always been about posting about whatever interests me at the time, and right now, this is the type of stuff that interest me (outside of music, of course). I’ll also post the occasional life update and some random stuff every now and then. In addition, there will also be a video commentary or some other thing on my personal (2nd) YouTube channel every now and then.

I’m playing around with the idea of maybe re-naming the URL of this blog from “thepcxp” to “elipalooza”, if the free version of WordPress allows me to. I’m also thinking about renaming my personal YouTube channel from “Eli Turner” to “Elipalooza”, since its really just a supplement to this blog and it’ll be much more consistent. I took the time to clean up the categories a bit and have now been re-organized, in order to reflect the changes to this blog. You’ll also see a few other updates, including on the “About” page.

Here’s to the new chapter and continued evolution of Elipalooza!


Blog Update For 2/27/2017

Hey everyone, I’m back!

If you’ve been a long-time subscriber/follower of this blog, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very much as of late. I’ve posted some stuff last year, but last year (and the year before that) was probably my least (or at least one of my least) active year(s) on this blog. The reason for this is simple and straight-forward: I’ve been busy with my music project/career and I’ve been struggling with what direction to go with this blog…until now, that is.

Lately, I’ve been really feeling in the mood to write some more. Writing has always been one of my favorite hobbies and something that I keep getting better and better at with time. I feel like I’m writing some of my best work in recent times and I’m really enjoying it. I really, really enjoy giving my opinion on stuff on the side. One of the things I want to do this year is to write more (and yes, that also includes more music, lol).

I was planning on becoming a little more active on my personal YouTube channel and do my opinion pieces there but the lack of resources (a proper mic, space, etc.) is keeping me down, plus I’m focusing more on my music channel right now since that needs my attention more and I’m having more fun working on my music channel. Additionally, making the type of videos I want for my personal channel takes up a lot of my time since they take a lot of work to make – I spend way more time editing and recording those videos than I do with the videos for my music channel. Not to mention that YouTube seems to want to censor certain opinions on the grounds that its not “advertiser friendly” (which in my opinion is bullshit because these same advertisers place their ads on sites that report about murders, bombings, etc., for example), and then there’s the whole “YouTube Heroes” nonsense, their broken flagging system, and a few other things. With all this in mind, I figured that blogging about that stuff would be a much better idea instead, since it gives me more freedom and allows me to publish stuff much quicker.

With that said, I’m planning on starting to write more commentaries on politics & society/culture as well as technology, along with occasional life/personal updates, and a few random things every now and then. For the commentaries, I plan on doing responses, op:eds, and the like. My main motivation for the commentaries is to debunk stupidity. This stuff right here is what’s interesting me the most at the moment (besides music, obviously) and this blog has always been about writing about what’s interesting me the most at the moment, since its my personal blog – and a sort of experimental blog as well.

So this is the direction I’m planning on taking this blog on. I’m not sure where this is all going to take me. All I know is this is something I want to do to blow off steam and keep myself level-headed (especially with this shitty Trump Administration in power), but regardless of all this, I’m really excited to do this! I’m not sure how often I’m going to be doing this but I’ll try update this blog as much as I can!

Psychology – One of My New Loves


One of my new favorite magazines. Love the cover too.

I’ve really been into psychology lately. I’ve always been into it but I didn’t pay really close attention to it until last year. I would have to say that I owe my greater attention to this topic to my transition. Transitioning really made me want to find out more about the biological origins of gender (not to be confused with sex, which is the physical side of things). I needed to know the biological and psychological differences between males and females. I needed to find out this information to make my decision whether to live the rest of my life as male, keep living as female, or live as an alternative gender. In addition, I really started getting into evolutionary biology, which led into me getting into evolutionary psychology. Before that (dating back to about 2010), I really started getting into personality types (i.e. MBTI theory). I’ve always had a great hunger for finding out what makes people tick, why people act in certain ways, how the mind works, and all that other good stuff that has to do with people’s mind. I guess this comes from being socially awkward growing up, in addition to the gender identity issues I had growing up.

While I was indulging into my new passion, I came across the website of the magazine, Psychology Today. I immediately loved it. There was so much information for me to indulge in, so it would fill my hunger for knowing more about the mind. Their numerous blogs and topics would keep me busy or hours on end (and still does). I bought my first issue of Psychology Today (pictured above) late last month and I loved it (I’m working on subscribing to it). So in a sense, I also owe it to Psychology Today for intensifying my interest in psychology. I went from just liking psychology, to loving it.

So yeah, psychology is one of my loves.

Image source: Psychology Today

Show ‘N’ Tell: Eli Turner Tumblr

Eli Turner Tumblr blog

About two weeks ago, I launched the Eli Turner Tumblr blog. It is primarily going to focus on my work in hip-hop music – demos, ideas, works in progress, finished tracks, whereabouts, etc. I am also thinking about launching a separate blog for showing my design work – I just thought that it would be best if I separated my two fields. I also thought about using my first name Ryan as my designer name, while leaving my second name Eli as my music name, but I’m still thinking about it (It’s probably best if I did).

So while I’m using my Tumblr blog to show my art, I’m using my WordPress blog (this one) as my personal blog. Like it says in my “about” page I started this blog in 2010 with the intention to share my personal stuff with everyone and to get experience at blogging (I also did it for fun) and I intend to keep it that way. Now what I need to do is come up with more material to share, as well as schedule more time to write full-length posts (this is my main issue).

So far, I have shared the artwork for my debut mixtape “The Lenovo Album” (which is for the Lenovo crowd), and two music ideas that I came up with yesterday (they’re my first music releases). Head over to my Tumblr blog to view the artwork for and find out a bit more about “The Lenovo Album”, as well as to hear my very first music releases (which are ideas for full-length tracks). (By the way, this means that I will have to open up my SoundCloud account soon, since I’m finally starting to do work in music – after two years of studying. I’m having a great time doing this – and I’m just getting started!)

Update 11-2-2012: I decided to make the focus of the Eli Turner Tumblr on my hip-hop music and design work. I will continue to be credited as Eli Turner on design work. I’m thinking about making a personal Tumblr which I’ll probably call “Ryan Turner’s Tumblr”.