Quick Announcement: Personal Tumblr and YouTube Re-brand!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to make a quick announcement. After much thinking, I recently decided to re-brand my personal Tumblr and personal YouTube channel. Doing this will help to compliment this blog, and will act as extensions of it. From now on, my personal Tumblr will be named “Elipalooza+” and my personal YouTube will be named “Elipalooza“.

While this blog will be centered more on stuff like op:eds, commentaries, reviews, critiques, self-reflection, and the like, Elipalooza+ will be more laid-back. It will sort-of serve as my ‘public’ personal Facebook, in that I’m going to post shorter, public personal updates, quick thoughts/opinion pieces, and just random, fun stuff that I find that I really like. I had to take a bit of a hiatus from Tumblr but I’m now active on it again, so feel free to follow me over there!

As for my personal YouTube channel, that will be more experimental and (just like Elipalooza+) more laid-back. I will be posting random stuff that I like, including more playlists of stuff on YouTube I like. It’ll be nothing dedicated…this is just going to be a fun little side-project that I’m going to do on my spare time, so updates will be infrequent. (If you want something more dedicated and ‘professional’, then head on over to the PROJEKT61 channel, which can now also be found on Vidme).

Overall, the premise of both Elipalooza+ and the Elipalooza YouTube channels are to serve as places where I’m free to express myself (sort of like this blog). Hope you all enjoy the new changes!

P.S. I recently created a blog where I will be documenting my music journey, as well as providing useful information and other stuff for music producers/artists. You can check it out here!


Show ‘N’ Tell: Eli Turner Tumblr

Eli Turner Tumblr blog

About two weeks ago, I launched the Eli Turner Tumblr blog. It is primarily going to focus on my work in hip-hop music – demos, ideas, works in progress, finished tracks, whereabouts, etc. I am also thinking about launching a separate blog for showing my design work – I just thought that it would be best if I separated my two fields. I also thought about using my first name Ryan as my designer name, while leaving my second name Eli as my music name, but I’m still thinking about it (It’s probably best if I did).

So while I’m using my Tumblr blog to show my art, I’m using my WordPress blog (this one) as my personal blog. Like it says in my “about” page I started this blog in 2010 with the intention to share my personal stuff with everyone and to get experience at blogging (I also did it for fun) and I intend to keep it that way. Now what I need to do is come up with more material to share, as well as schedule more time to write full-length posts (this is my main issue).

So far, I have shared the artwork for my debut mixtape “The Lenovo Album” (which is for the Lenovo crowd), and two music ideas that I came up with yesterday (they’re my first music releases). Head over to my Tumblr blog to view the artwork for and find out a bit more about “The Lenovo Album”, as well as to hear my very first music releases (which are ideas for full-length tracks). (By the way, this means that I will have to open up my SoundCloud account soon, since I’m finally starting to do work in music – after two years of studying. I’m having a great time doing this – and I’m just getting started!)

Update 11-2-2012: I decided to make the focus of the Eli Turner Tumblr on my hip-hop music and design work. I will continue to be credited as Eli Turner on design work. I’m thinking about making a personal Tumblr which I’ll probably call “Ryan Turner’s Tumblr”.